Tuesday, June 23, 2020

I do not like this president.

I do not like this president. But even if America had a perfectly wonderful president and all the rich people in power were anti-racist and all the humans were radically loving toward one another, we would still be trapped in a corrupt and hateful system—a design based on fascism and dependent on slavery. I don’t believe a quick fix like changing presidents makes any difference, if anything it only serves to distract us from our real problems. We need to change everything about everything—to design a new world wherein we are not competing against one another for personal profit, but supporting, feeding, and caring for each other—love with no exceptions and no boundaries. Goodbye capitalism. Black Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter. Now is the time to think creatively, imagine our most beautiful future, and work together to make it our reality. We can do this. I love you đŸ’–✍️