Silly Rob Gray is a human-shaped art maker in Portland, Oregon. They are a founding member of Lovely Book Club, which is sort of a yacht-less yacht club, but also a casual drinking club and an amateur football (soccer) club. Rob is the author of various books, chapbooks, and zines, including The Immaculate Collection / The Rhododendron and Camellia Year Book (1966) [University of Hell], Ticklish Animal [Bone Tax Press], and Park House [Black Cake Records]. They also enjoyed the honor of writing the introduction to Alive At The Center: Contemporary Poems of the Pacific Northwest [Ooligan Press]. Their writing has been featured in Tin House, The Portland Review, Old Pal, NAP, Love Symbol Press and various other wonderful publications. Rob was born in London, England, grew up in Karlsruhe, Germany, lived in the Bay Area and studied in Santa Barbara, California before settling in the Pacific Northwest. They have been living, working, making and sharing art, music, and poetry in Portland since 2009. 

Work seen in this website or Rob's social media page are open for inquiry should you be interested in purchasing original works or prints. Please feel free to e-mail sillyrobgray@gmail.com.


Selected Published Works: