Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Silly Artist's Log - June 2024

Hello friends and fam,

I hope the summer has started well for you. I'm all good. The garden is brimming with all kinds of flowers. I've been in the studio working on a variety of creative projects. I've kept my hands, my feet, and my mind moving. I've made some things. I've spent some lovely times with some lovely humans, animals, and plants. I've read about the bad news. I've heard about the good news. I've read some nice books. Really loved The Sentence by Louise Erdich. On the recommendation of my godson, I've started reading the Percy Jackson series. Exciting stuff. I've played and watched a whole lot of football. On this fine day, Wednesday, June 3, 2024, I am predicting that England will win the Euros by playing the worst football any of us have seen at this level for a long time. Wish that was a joke. 


I've been painting but not finishing paintings. Unnecessary force seems unwise. Sometimes you've just got to let them breathe.

I've been walking around the garden, looking up at trees, around at flowers and shrubs of all kinds. I do like these first two simple ones. The others have already started to evolve since these photos.

This happened...

...but was quickly painted over. Gone, but not forgotten.


India ink on vellum:

Pencil or ballpoint pen in small sketchbook:


I'm in the studio working on new recordings every month. In June I made three new jams -- two new recordings of older songs, and one brand new. I realized that the process I'm doing here, sharing small portions of new music every month, is probably going to lead up to releasing an album eventually. I'll keep sharing my progress, and eventually pick a handful of favs for a more official release. Nice change to do this part of the process vaguely publicly instead of behind closed doors. 


I had a great time making YouTube videos with my friends at Full Life. 



Thanks for reading and being interested in my work. I hope it brings you some kind of joy. Please feel free to say hi or reach out for any reason via email:

Sending love into the universe, always.

Silly Rob