Friday, May 3, 2024

Silly Artist's Log (A Creative Diary) - April 2024

Artist's log, stardate 5.2.2024  - This is the current state of my studio: 

Been staying busy this month, working on various creative projects, playing footy and chess, reading, listening, sitting, etc.


Here are some works in progress:

And some finished paintings:


I made some new recordings -- a few song demos and some instrumentals.:

Three new versions of old songs: 

Three instrumentals: 


I used the Apocalyptic Fuzz Instrumental above in the following YouTube video I made with DJ The Rock for Full Life Television:

And I used the Ocean Song Instrumental for this video I made with DJ Military Brat, also for Full Life Television:


New poems I was transcribing last month have morphed into one long piece titled Time Travel in East Portland, which I will publish as a limited edition handmade zine + free digital version on Lovely Book Club soon 👀 


Silly Rob